Tullu Pump was launched in Varanasi, U.P. (India) in the year 1960 under the able leadership of our Founder Director, Late Sri Vijay Kumar Sah, manufacturing small water lifting pumps to enliven the burden of housewives who had to carry water themselves to upper stories.


He started with a single model of 1/20 H.P.; today we have a wide array of water pumps ranging from 1/20 H.P. to 1.5 H.P. to cater to the domestic needs as well as for light irrigation purposes.


Today, the brand ‘Tullu’ has become synonymous for small water lifting pumps as a result of the stringent quality control measures which we have established during the manufacturing process and over the years, the company has grown in leaps & bounds establishing our presence in what were till yesterday, untapped markets. We have also been supplying to OEM’s such as : SINGER, USHA, & TATA and our undying commitment to quality has ensured that our products are in great demand not just in India but in countries across the world; some of the most notable example of this are the Gulf nations such as Dubai and various African nations such as Kenya, wherein our products have received tremendous feedback from our valued customers, especially the Sewing Machine Motors.


For us customer satisfaction is the supreme measure of success and in our commitment to this philosophy, our company - Tullu Motors Pvt. Ltd., has now started manufacturing pumps under the respective umbrella brand names: Tullu Top & Tullu Top Trust. These pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design & stringent quality control to give trouble free service, year after year. Special high grade materials are being sourced to make these pumps energy efficient & trouble free. In order to get the best possible efficiency, tolerance limits are kept to the minimum.


The pumps are compact and easy to install, to be used with clean cold water, free from solid abrasives & fibrous materials.


Our other Tullu Top products for which we have been receiving extremely positive feedbacks from our customers are – Sewing Machine Motors, Exhaust Fans, Cooler Fans, Fresh Air Fans, FHP Motors etc.


In recognition of the demand from our valued customers and in our never ending zest to delight them with products which are a true reflection of the ‘Tullu’ brand, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new range of High Speed Pedestal Fans (popularly known as ‘Farrata Fans’).


From drawing rooms with fans to gardens and bathrooms with pressure booster pumps, roofs, & drinking water tanks with lifting pumps, we have also entered the kitchen by manufacturing Mixer Grinder under the very well known brand name BOOTY (Booty Trust).




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